Signed. Sealed. Delivered.


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Last week was spent finishing up our dossier.

Oh the drama…

The crazy, ridiculous drama.

I really don’t look for or enjoy the drama –I try to avoid the drama. But it does make for a good story.

Again, I assumed that we would be the couple who skipped the drama. I was ORGANIZED. Everything had been checked and rechecked 10 20 137 times. I talked through things on the phone with my agency director, I took my documents to my friend Cindy’s and compared them with her paperwork. I called my coordinator numerous times. We were good to go. No drama necessary.


We had to go to Chicago 2 3 times to get things apostilled. And yes, it is an hour (minimum) on the train.

This is what apostilled documents look like.

That’s right folks – THREE TIMES in 36 hours. With stops in between at our home study agency and attachments from our adoption agency. After trip #2, I got on the wrong train on the way home and had to double back to the stop where my car was parked.  I was too tired to even be all that upset about it. I just went with it.

By the time we finally got to FedEx with our completed package, on Friday, I really, really would have preferred to just drive the paperwork to California and hand it to my agency director personally. I wanted that thing out of my house for a lot of reasons, but until it was in the hands of someone who also cared about it, I did not want to let it out of my sight. Joel practically had to pry my fingers off of it to give it to the lady behind the counter.  I am a little ashamed to say that there was crying. Thankfully the FedEx lady has had some experience with crazies like me and reassured me that the documents were very, very safe and would be delivered before noon the next day. I did not make her sign and notarize that promise – though I thought very seriously about it. It was safely delivered to its destination at noon on Saturday. Signed. Sealed. and now delivered.

And now we wait…

Perhaps 4 weeks. Perhaps 8. Like everything else in this process, we just don’t know.

We do know that we have been told that once our dossier has been submitted to the Ukraine government our facilitator will visit our boy and he will be informed that a family would like to make him their son. DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED WE ARE!?!?!?

Please continue to pray for him. Joel and I know that being adopted at an older age is full of mixed emotions and is so very scary for older kids and our boy needs courage to say YES. We have been keenly reminded of this struggle through the journey of our friends Hansina and Mark  to adopt Jonathan, so we deeply covet your prayers for our children. (Do you remember Jonathan, the boy that we advocated for in December? THIS is his family!)

We would also ask for your prayer as we discern whether we are to adopt only M, or another boy as well. We truly do not know the direction the Lord will take us. Is it 1, is it 2, or is it 1 now and 1 next year? We still don’t know, but we do know that the story He is writing is much better than what we can come up with on our own, and so, we wait.

As we wait we will be finishing up prepping the house and raising/praying  the rest of our funding  in.

In addition to holding a garage sale, I have been frequenting them this summer, purchasing books and puzzles and simple games for the boys (again – planning for two – open to anything). I’m still looking for loft beds for their bedroom and a sectional (so everyone in our family can actually have a place to sit) on Craigslist. I’m reorganizing things so there is room for everyone and their things.

This is a time of great anticipation and excitement. I will post more about what’s going on in our hearts soon, but for now I just want to give you all a quick update. Thanks for following our journey, loving us and our boys, and for praying.



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